All animals accepted here at Rodentzone undergo a health and temperament check. Once they pass they are clear to be placed in new homes. Any Unhealthy animals are rehabilitated where possible, and any animals displaying behavioural problems are reassessed after an appropriate time has elapsed to retrain them. Generally animals behave badly for one of two main reasons. It is either a genetic trait of that particular line of breeding(rare), or more commonly they are frightened, from some sort of abuse or lack of handling. All effort is taken to retrain these animals ready for rehoming. In some cases if the animal in question is a male rat, the bad behaviour can be purely hormone induced and castration can be the answer, with the animal becoming a tame loving pet within weeks sometimes days of the operation. If in the uncommon event that they cannot be retrained, they are humanely euthanased by our vet. People surrendering animals to the "Rodentzone" must sign a form confirming voluntary surrender. The "Rodentzone" is a volunteer shelter operated by a few dedicated people who bear the costs out of their own pockets. We recieve no funds to aid in the rescue costs of these animals. For this reason we ask that any cages/living quarters be surrendered along with the rodents. This helps double fold, firstly housing facilities for the rodents is limited, and it also helps the animals settle into their new surroundings a lot easier when they have the use of familiar bedding etc.
If you have a rodent you need rescued, And you are in Australia, please contact us at Rodentzone@hotmail.com or by mail addressed to RODENTZONE p.o.Box 2079 Toowong Qld 4066 AUSTRALIA. If you are not in Australia, you can still contact us and we will put you in touch with a rescue shelter in your area if we know of one. IN THE EVENT OF AN EMERGENCY OR A SITUATION WHERE TIME IS LIMITED YOU MAY CALL 0414.618.722(North coast,Brisbane,South coast-Qld Australia only)
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