Welcome to the "RODENTZONE"
A Rescue Shelter
Welfare service
& Adoption centre for Rodents

Rodentzone is an organisation predominantly for the rescue,and in many cases re-homing, of pet rodents. Our dedicated volunteers can offer advice on many aspects of caring for and rescuing these wonderful creatures. Here in Qld with many animals illegal to own as pets, our rescues are usually Rats & Mice. However we welcome fellow rescuers either interstate &/or overseas, who would be like to be an affiliate rodentzone volunteer, where we could refer rodents in need to you. Rats & Mice that are abandoned so often end up in reptile feeder bins at the local pet store. These animals were bred as pets. Whether by breeders, or even the result of a childs pet having had a litter, they were not bred to be food. They trust humans, and this is one of the cruelest things that could happen to them. Animals need rescuing for a number of reasons. Thier owner may no longer be able to care for them. They may be living under abuse. They may even have been abandoned &/or dumped. While we are not an outlet for surplus animals from breeders, If for some unavoidable reason you have to give up your beloved pet, now you can rest easy and know that there is a place for them to go. Where possible all rescued pets are found good homes. If this is not possible they stay at the shelter to live out their lives in peace, with the love of people who want them and genuinely love rats & mice. *None ever go as feeders*


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Kootje is a member of the board of a small animals breeders association in the Netherlands. She rescues rodents, rabbits and budgies, and try's to find homes for everything else.("From parakeets to pot bellied pigs")
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